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Not Just Papers is a pioneering company that provides soulful products and essential guidance for emotional and mental well-being. It is a company started by two sisters. They believe that life is more joyful and meaningful if lived authentically; the quality of our life depends on our relationship with ourselves. Through their range of products and services, they want to assist people on their journey of personal growth and development.

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I received my first box and I was so impressed. With everything going on in the world, you do need to find a happy place. Everything in the box helped me find my happy place. I am so glad I found it.

- Ayesh

We are a small company, and our people are our forte. In these uncertain times, we chose an employee wellness box offered by NJP, and our people felt that it was such a soulful and thoughtful gift. All the products were so relevant and lovely.


I loved my first box and I used everything in it. I am happy to say that all the products have been thoughtfully designed, and I found the journal very therapeutic. I would definitely recommend it to everyone. I can’t wait for my next box.

- Jas

Why Choose Us

We offer journals specifically designed for different age-groups and needs. Like, a self-reflection and gratitude journal. and journals for employees, children, and the elderly. We also have planners to de-clutter and mandala books for mindfulness.

All Journals, Planners and Mandla books have been meticulously designed and beautifully compiled to lead you to clarity, self-awareness, and alignment. They help one to de-clutter, focus, gain clarity and release stress.

Journaling is a therapeutic exercise to express and process any situation. It helps us get clarity, calm our minds, and often find new solutions.

People can feel and write in different ways. It is usually a daily exercise. But for sure, there are no rules. Do as much as you want in a day and leave the rest for the next day. Don’t forget to have fun! Take pleasure in your writing and so make it a fun exercise.

Journal writing can help your children process feelings, build writing skills, and communicate their ideas. Give your child a journal or allow him to choose one and explain to him what it means to journal. At first, it can be even introduced in school or as an activity that all family members do. Eventually, they would embrace this habit, and it would go a long way toward helping them take care of their own well-being.

Well-being is not something you just find, it’s something you create. This box arrives every quarter with journals and planners to prioritise self-care in our everyday lives. Consistent writing and expressing helps us make it a ritual, which in turn strengthens our connection with ourselves, helps us be more mindful, concentrate better and even relax better. As we say it, it’s time to “Unbox Wellness”!

Yes, sure! Please get in touch with us to subscribe to our quarterly self-reflection journals.

As of now, we offer prompt-based Gratitude, Self-Reflection Journals, and Journals for employees and children. We are working on a few more innovative, non-prompt-based versions. Please get in touch with us for any specific needs.

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